PCS BLUE CREW 2019-2020

PCS Blue Crew is a spirit organization for Upper School students to support the various athletic teams at PCS.

Blue Crew members will be responsible for:

  • Organizing and leading pep rallies for key sporting events (3/year)
  • Leading cheers during key home games for the Varsity Teams (Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball).
  • Organizing and participating in the annual Spring Powderpuff Football game pitting Freshman/Sophomore girls versus Junior/Senior girls in flag football
  • Setting the vision for future traditions of PCS.
  • Teaching the traditions of PCS to incoming Upper School students.
  • Promoting the Blue Crew by wearing its uniform of jeans and a shirt to school approximately twice a month to coincide with events promoted by the Blue Crew.



All interested Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may apply now until Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Application is available here: APPLY HERE

Final membership will be six (6) young men and six (6) young women with one Senior chosen as the Head of Crew.


Requirements of PCS Blue Crew

  • You will be expected to attend the weekly meetings on Mondays at lunch. The Blue Crew sponsor will provide desserts for each Monday meeting to ensure all get fed and activities get accomplished.
  • You will be required to paint signs for the gym.
  • You will be required to attend all Blue Crew functions: i.e. sporting events, and other activities during your tenure as a Blue Crew.
  • You will be required to be flexible in your work/family schedule so that you can be available at a moment’s notice for participation.



Wearing the Blue Crew uniform is an honor. Uniform information to be aware of:

You will be required to purchase new the following:
one monogrammed collared shirt
a school-appropriate pair of blue jeans
a pair of colored Vans shoes.

You will be required to wear your uniform in its entirety as much as once a week during the entire school year.


A final note

To be chosen a member of the NEW Blue Crew will be a highly sought-after privilege and will be impressive on college applications and job resumes. If selected, you are expected to be a role model whose behavior is impeccable.

If you do not feel up to the challenge of maintaining yourself as THE EXAMPLE, then perhaps you should rethink your submission of this application.



Contact Jana Muntsinger at 832.247.9308